A Short Note – Choosing Network Debugging Tool In iOS ?

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In this note series, We will understand which tool works best for our network debugging problem in iOS.

Choosing Networking Tool in iOS

So Let’s begin.


Debugging network problems is challenging because of the fundamental nature of networking. Networking is asynchronous, time-sensitive, and error prone. Moreover, the two programs involved (the client and the server, say) are often created by different developers, who disagree on the exact format of the data being exchanged. Fortunately, a variety of tools can help us debug such problems.

A key goal of these tools is to divide the problem in two. For example, if we’re working on a network client that sends a request to a server and then gets an error back from that server, it’s important to know whether things failed because the request was incorrect (a problem with our client) or because the server is misbehaving. We can use these network debugging tools to view the traffic going over the network, and thus independently check the validity of that traffic.

Choosing Best Network Debugging Tool

The best tool to use depends on the APIs we’re using and the type of problems we’ve encountered:

  • If we’re working at the HTTP level, we may find that our request makes it to the server and then the server sends us a response indicating that it failed in some way (for example, we get an HTTP response with a status code of 500 Internal Server Error). 
  • If we’re using URLSession, or one of the subsystems that uses URLSession internally, we can enable CFNetwork diagnostic logging to get a detailed view of how our requests were processed.
  • If we want a low-level view of the traffic exchanged over the network, we need a packet trace.
  • If we’re working in Safari or one of the various web views (like WKWebView), we can use the Web Inspector to view the network requests issued by the page. 
  • Some of the most popular network debugging tools, like HTTP debugging proxies, are third-party products.


In this note series, We understood which tool works best for your network debugging problem in iOS.

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